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Fenix Flashlight PD30R2 6 Level LED 235 Lumen

Fenix Flashlight PD30R2 6 Level LED Lights 235 Lumens - Click on the pic for more infos!

fenix lightsFenix Lights is a world’s leading developer and manufacturer of flashlights- portable lighting equipment, like a torch, which emits light from Light Emitting diodes (LED) or incandescent small light bulbs. It is a renowned name in the market of flashlights, headlamps, anglelights, processor controlled lights and other light accessories from many years. From its very beginning first product Fenix L1, it has given number of classic devices which has taken the flashlight industry into some another innovative dimension. Fenix is considered to be the first manufacturer on the mass basis for a high quality LED flashlight which operates on single AA pencil cell. In year 2005, Fenix lights has got the title of one of most innovative flashlights of high and standard quality by the users and media.

LED Flashlights – the new lighting system

Flashlights are light equipment belongs to the torch category but differs with them as it uses LED or small incandescent light bulbs saving a huge amount of energy thus more efficient. A flashlight can work on electrical energy and are also compatible with solar cells and dry batteries in various models. Fenix Flashlights mostly uses the LEDs in the flashlights giving them more efficiency along with higher lighting quality. It is quite a useful at the time of power failure, travelling in dark or just to keep below your pillow to use it while moving to bathroom in night or watching the clock.

LED Fenix Lights – believe in the best

Fenix lights are generally more efficient than the other available flash lights in the market. It uses hard aluminium cover for the flash lights body ensuring a durable and long life. Because of its light weight and sleek size, these flash lights are handy and easy to carry. Fenix light works on both, bright white lights and the colour flashes so as you can use it accordingly, and along with the water resistant feature, it is quite a useful tool in rough weather or rains.

Fenix Flashlights gives a number of options and models when it comes to LED torches. Along with its first and most successful L Series Flashlight model, Fenix Flashlights has a variety of models such as TA, TK, PD, LD and E –series varying each other by specific and user according features. Fenix Light has come through a long distance with some great products and accessories but as innovation has no end, they ensures for a better and more innovative lighting system with course of time.

Fenix Flashlight TK45 High Performance

Fenix Flashlight TK45 High Performance Lights 760 lumens - Click on the pic for more infos!

The TK series of Fenix Lights is a powerful and reliable line of LED flashlights that are perfect for camping and other rugged outdoor activities. These Fenix Lights can provide you with a powerful luminance of 337- 760 lumens. Moreover, these Fenix Lights are perfect for more adventurous explorations inside the dark and winding caves, rescue operations and other adventurous activities with extreme elements or factors. Moreover, these Fenix Lights have varying sizes, for your utmost convenience. They are available in 5 inches to 9 inches Fenix Lights sizes. A consumer can choose between the larger ones that can be perfectly kept inside the compartment of your car. These Fenix Lights are also suitably perfect for your home emergency needs.

Fenix Lights

Fenix Flashlights


Fenix Flashlight TA20

Fenix Flashlight TA20 - Click on the pic for more infos.

fenix lightsThe TA series or Tactical series Fenix Lights are being used for military purposes. These kinds of Fenix Lights have well- crafted LED lights that are very easy to use. These Fenix Lights have selector ring to quickly change the modes of the TA series Fenix Lights. The good thing about this Fenix Lights is they can be mountable or handheld. Unlike other series of the Fenix Lights, the TA series models are very seldom in the market but; they are highly-performing kinds of Fenix Flashights. As far as the price is concerned for this series of Fenix Lights, they are a bit expensive as compared to the other series of Fenix Lights.

Fenix Flashlight PD20

Fenix Flashlight PD20 - Click on the pic for more infos.

fenix lightsOn the other hand, the PD series of Fenix Lights are very handy and ultra-lightweight because they only measure less than 5 inches. These pocket LED Fenix Lights are small but terrible. It is because these amazing Fenix Lights have a very powerful and dynamic lighting or luminance power of 180 to 304 lumens. More than that, these Fenix Lights are very easy to carry, and they are very dynamic in terms of assisting emergencies. Design wise, the Fenix Lights include a better grip handling advantage.

Likewise, the PD series of the Fenix Flashlights has a criss-cross diamond pattern for non-slip handling. These are more advantageous as compared to the E series because these have more intense lighting power than the E series of the Fenix Lights product lines of flashlights.

Fenix Flashlight MC11

Fenix Flashlight MC11 - Click on the pic for more infos.

fenix lightsThe MC series of Fenix Lights are moiré than just a lighting apparatus for you. These Fenix Lights are actually had varying angles and directions according to your desired purpose in using a flashlight. The MC series Fenix Lights have angle LED lights Fenix Lights that are versatile and functional for camp uses.

The L-shaped feature of the MC series of Fenix Lights allows the head of the LED lights to swing or swivel as a camping light. These series of Fenix Lights have clip –ons features that prevent your hands from fumbling the MC series of Fenix Lights.  These Fenix Lights are perfect for changing your spare tires and cooking meals during power interruptions.

These are not too heavy to carry along. In fact, the Fenix Lights MC series are very functional alternative lighting sources. Therefore, the MC series can be one of your top choices.

Fenix Lights Rocks! High-End LED Flashlights build for lifetime!
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